Feeling a bad pun draft (2012 picks 11-20)

The 2012 NHL Draft happened in June, so what better time than … late September to hand out some nicknames? (Hey, it’s a good distraction from the fact that they aren’t getting a chance to make an impression in training camps, if nothing else.)

Rather than going for a top pick for each player, we’re taking a kitchen sink approach. Thankfully, the first overall choice provides a plethora of cringe-y, cheesetastic nicknames.

After covering the top 10 picks, let’s move on to 11-20.

Note: if a name is in italics, it means that player is especially lacking and needs your help, nickname-wise.

Major note: the nature of this site is to use puns to the max, even if they violate the inherent pronunciation of a player’s name. Still, if you feel the need to ruin Travis Zajac-type jokes, note discrepancies in the comments.

11. Filip Forsberg (image via Wikimedia Commons)

  • Flip, Flipper or even Fil-ipper
  • Foppa Dos
  • No Relation

12. Mikhail Grigorenko

  • Griggy
  • Lieutenant Grigg
  • Ren
  • The Gree God

13. Radek Faksa

  • The Faks Machine
  • Rad
  • Tape Dek

14. Zemgus Girgensons

  • “Girs” of War
  • The Goose/Z-Goose
  • (If you want to meta-it-up, War Goose or even Goose Gear)
  • The other big Z

He’s another guy who really doesn’t need a nickname because his actual name is too damn great.

15. Cody Ceci

  • Ceci’s Pizza
  • Sissy
  • C.C.

(Gotta love the rare player with an eight-letter, four-syllable name. That’s efficient, folks.)

16. Tom Wilson

Blandness in a sea of amazing names. You’re reduced to “Tom Tom,” “Slick Willie” or horrible Will Smith references.

Of course, Will could go to:

  • Imposing Will
  • Iron Will
  • Bad Will Hunting?

Hell, now that I’m thinking about it, you can throw in a Woodrow Wilson here and there … Maybe even a Cast Away reference?

17. Tomas Hertl

  • Hertl the Turtle (if he’s slow on a play)
  • Hertl the Girdle (if you’re a dick)
  • The Big Hertl
  • Hammer Don’t Hertl Them (sorry)
  • T-Hurt

18.. Teuvo Teräväinen

  • The Terror
  • Terror Vines
  • Boob Tuevo
  • T-V

19. Andrei Vasilevski

  • Vaseline
  • Andrei the Giant (Sorry, it’s mandatory – and he’s big enough)
  • A.V. Club
  • Levee

20. Scott Laughton

  • Laughs (He who Laughs?)
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